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Last updated: Dec 8, 2021

Setup Belun® Ring

Choose the correct Ring Arm

Watch the instruction video:

1. Measure the circumference of the index finger with the finger ruler

2. Choose the Ring Arm with the size indicated by the finger ruler

Change the Ring Arm

1. Remove the installed Ring Arm by pressing it at the top along the indicated direction below to remove it from the Ring. Do not push the Ring Arm in other directions to avoid any damage.

2. Install the chosen Ring Arm by placing the groove side of it against the tongue side of the Ring and slide the Ring Arm upward until it clicks.

Ring Arm is properly installed

Ring Arm is NOT properly installed

Charge Belun® Ring for the first time

You should charge your Belun® Ring for ~15 minutes until both the status lights on the Ring and Cradle are On.

1. Put the Ring into the Cradle (Press the Ring from the top until it clicks)

2. Connect the Type-C side of the charging cable to the Cradle

3. Connect the Type-A side of the charging cable to a 5V DC power source such as a USB-port of a computer or a mobile phone charger

4. Charge the Belun® Ring for ~15 minutes until both the status lights on the Ring and Cradle are On