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Last updated: Dec 8, 2021

How to use Belun® Ring for sleep monitoring?


1. If the Ring is not in the Cradle, put it into the Cradle first to refresh the recording session.

2. Take the Ring off the Cradle and check the Ring Status Light.

Green light – Ready for a new recording.

Red light – Not ready for a new recording. Put the Ring back into the Cradle for checking.

Wear the Ring

1. Put the Ring on the index finger. Ensure the symbol is facing up.

The Ring operates on the side of an index finger. It is designed to function on either left or right hand. The non-dominant hand is recommended.


2. Once the Ring is worn on the finger, it will vibrate twice, and the sensor area will emit a red light to indicate the start of the recording. The Ring Status Light will turn Off during recording.

Go to Bed

Sleep for >6 hours

To ensure all sleep results can be generated, at least 4 hours of sleep duration are needed.

Wake up and Transfer Data to the Cradle

Remove the Ring from the finger to stop the recording.

1. Put the Ring into the Cradle.

2. Check the transfer status

Upload Sleep Data

1. Tap “Upload”

2. The App starts connecting to Belun® Ring.

3. If there is any new data, the App starts uploading the data.

4. The App will go to “Review” when the upload is done. (It may take some time to complete the upload.)

5. It takes 5~10 minutes to process a uploaded record.

6. Once a record is ready, you can tap on the record to review the results.