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COVID-19 patients can make use of technology during home quarantine to know if their health conditions deteriorate

The fifth wave of COVID-19 hit the Hong Kong community; home confinees are advised to self-quarantine at home. Belun® Ring helps you monitor your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) during sleep, keeping abreast of whether your condition is worsening.

When winning this virus battle is all about keeping well, Belun is here to help safeguard the community.


How to use: 

By simply putting the ring on before bed, the user can rely upon the patented AI platform to track sleep health by uploading the data the next day (min. 6 hours of sleep) to the Belun mobile app. Then user would then see the measured biometrics in the app’s summary page. If your overnight mean SpO2 displayed is lower than 93%1 and your “apnea level” is low/mild, you need to pay attention and seek medical consultation.

Early recognition of "Silent Hypoxia" reduce mortality

“During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, silent hypoxia (i.e., abnormally low oxygen saturation without symptoms of dyspnoea), is common in patients with COVID-19.2 In low-resource settings where oxygen supplies and monitored beds are scarce, pulse oximetry is a crucial device for triaging patients and establishing the need for supplemental oxygen.3 Early recognition of hypoxia and oxygen administration has been shown to reduce mortality, 4 and a triage tool developed in collaboration with WHO uses pulse oximetry to guide management of oxygen therapy.” Quote from the Lancet Global Health Journal.5

“Silent Hypoxia“ is a sign of a worsening health condition

Monitoring SpO2 within 93% can identify “silent hypoxia“, & this becomes critical to avoid deterioration. Silent hypoxia is defined as a condition when an individual has alarmingly lower oxygen saturation level (at ~ 50–80% saturation) than anticipated, while the expected saturation level should be 95% or higher; however, the individual does not experience any breathing difficulty. As blood oxygen levels begin to reduce, a person may experience shortness of breath, also called dyspnea. If blood oxygen levels continue to fall, the organs may shut down, and the issue becomes life-threatening. Just when the epidemic in Taiwan was the most intense, there were many “silent hypoxia” cases. “I believe pulse oximetry is incredibly valuable if we were to use it in the window of time that the disease begins to gather strength, which is usually 5 to 10 days out from when someone is first infected,” said Dr. Richard Levitan, who’s been an emergency room physician for 30 years in the United States. 6


Preventive healthcare is the key to future wellness management

Belun® Ring is more than a pulse oximeter. As the world 1st FDA 510(k) cleared pulse oximeter ring, Belun provides Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) screening with 15,000 medical-grade sleep reports issued worldwide. The company has also become the leading medical wearable with AI for detecting multiple diseases, including sleep disorder, arrhythmia, mental health, providing preventive healthcare services through evidence-based data technology platform collecting & analyzing vital nighttime signs for users & medical professionals.  “With a worldwide ageing population, increased demand in healthcare services but a serious shortage of resources in the global healthcare systems, we foresee that one-stop health management based on users’ health fingerprints would help ease some of the pressures to the medical sector. Through big data analytics, Belun will provide personalized health tips & risk alert, one of our key new products launching within 2022.” Said Dr Lydia Leung, CEO of Belun Technology.


About Belun® Ring

Medical-grade wearable, convenient & economical

Belun® Ring empowers you to self-manage your health by improving habits that make your rest more productive, which means better recovery.


The Belun® Ring measures

  1. Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
  2. Pulse Rate (PR)
  3. Apnea Level
  4. Sleep Stages: Awake, REM, NREM
  5. Stress Level
  6. Movement


About Belun Technology 

Belun develops & manufactures medical-grade wearable products & solutions for application in the medical plus consumer sector in Hong Kong. The newly launched Belun® Ring is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II device that uncovers your sleep architecture, with a wide application such as screening of sleep apnea, improving treatment effectiveness for chronic disease patients & assisting in the clinical decision for clinical psychologists.


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