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Problem: The Sleep Portal is not working

The cache in the browser may be outdated and needed to be refreshed or cleared.

Symptom: The buttons are not responding


  1. Visit Sleep Portal in your browser
  2. Perform a Hard Reload of the portal by following this:


Symptom: "Hard Reload" does not solve the issue


  1. Clear the cache of the web browser by following this guide:
  2. Reload the Sleep Portal

Notes: After clearing the cache, you may be logged out from most of you sites.

Problem: A record is marked as "Unable to upload" in BRM

Mouse over the status icon to check the reason

Reason: The measurement duration must be 60 mins or longer

Root cause:

  • The wearing time is less than 60 mins.
  • A minimum of 60 mins in recording is required to generate a sleep study result.


  • Make sure the duration of the sleep study is longer than 60 mins (1 hour).
  • Do not put the Ring back to the Cradle before finishing a study. Otherwise the recording will end early.
  • Do not break a sleep study with more than 60-minute gap. Otherwise the record will be split into two.

Reason: No user is assigned to this ring

Root cause:

  • User ID is 000000000000 as the Ring has not been assigned to any user before data recording.


  • Send the record to Belun (See below) for manual processing.


  • Make sure the device has been assigned to a user before sleep test.
  • Review the device assignment in the Device Management in the sleep portal.

Problem: Incomplete report

Reason: Inadequate valid data for bAHI analysis

Possible cause(s): 

  • Frequent and/or intensive motion, or
  • Low perfusion, or
  • Loose ring size, i.e. poor contact between sensor and skin, or
  • Wear the ring incorrectly, or
  • other causes


  • Choose a tight fit Ring size to ensure a good contact between the sensor and the skin.
  • Try wearing the Ring on another hand.
  • Do more than one night of sleep study to avoid first night effect.

Send a sleep record to Belun

If a sleep record cannot be uploaded for auto analysis, please follow these steps to send the record to us for analysis.

  1. Log out from your account
  2. Use as login. Contact us via WhatsApp for the dynamic password.
  3. Select the records, click “Send to Belun”
  4. Email the patient ID, height, weight, age, gender to
  5. A report will be returned by email in 2 business days.

Send the Log File to Belun for troubleshooting

Menu → Log File → Send to Belun

Update firmware

Maintain your devices with latest firmware for best performance.

  1. Click “Please Update” next to the Ring / Cradle Firmware
  2. Click “Update Now”
  3. Do not disconnect the device from computer during firmware update

Update software

Always use the latest software for best performance.