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A scalable solution for global public health

Belun partners with global sleep labs & world-class universities to conduct different scientific researches using Belun® Ring and Belun Sleep Platform to shed light on sleep health management.


sleep reports have been generated worldwide, helping people access professional sleep studies comfortably at home and start interventions earlier.

Global Research Collaboration

Country/Region Research topic
Singapore Clinical validation, screening & treatment monitoring – Hypertension, Cardiovascular complications, Functional Gastrointestinal disorders
Taiwan Screening & Treatment Monitoring – Post Stroke, Metabolic Syndrome
United States Screening & Treatment Monitoring – Heart failure, Mandibular Advancement Device
Thailand Screening & Treatment Monitoring – Pediatrics
Hong Kong Clinical Validation – Dementia, comorbid OSA with Insomnia, gestational metabolic dysfunction
Treatment Monitoring – Clinical Psychology, Digital Educational Apps

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