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Belun® Remote Physiologic Monitoring

At-home Remote Care

Our patient monitoring solutions are easy to use and provide consistent measurements nonstop with clinically validated high quality data. Our flagship product, Belun® Ring is FDA 510(k) cleared for continuous pulse oximetry. It can record patients’ SpO2, pulse rate, and actigraphy for up to 10 hours per night. Designed with a simple recharging cradle for up to 120-hour storage, it simplifies multiple nights of RPM data collection.

SDK is available for RPM providers for system integration and downloading the following parameters:

  1. PPG
  2. SpO2
  3. Pulse rate
  4. Actigraphy


Comfortable – soft & wide range of sizes
Simple – wear the Belun® Ring to sleep
Reliable – FDA 510(k) cleared medical device with continuous data collection

Belun Ring is designed with user in mind. Wear the ring to sleep and continuous data will be collected via the sensor attaching to the proximal phalanx of the index finger.  The wireless device is discreet, unobtrusive and designed for comfort.

Order through our online shop to run the initial testing

Please contact us if you are happy with the trial and want to start the integration. Minimum order quantity will be 5 units & SDK will be provided with guidelines