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Belun® Sleep System

Belun is the only product in the market with FDA 510(k) clearance on both device & AI, and they are a game changer. The sleep stage is FDA cleared, providing an accurate picture of patient sleep architecture. I can cover patients with both OSA & insomnia who needs multi-night analyses. The impact is profound to my clinic & patients.

— Lakeview Sleep Clinic, California, U.S.

Belun® Sleep System

The Belun® Ring Triage service demonstrated efficacy in reducing waiting time for sleep assessment & consultation, from a median of 104 weeks initially at our local hospitals to current 45 weeks.

— Dr. Betty Young & Mr. Issac, Clinical Psychologist - 2023 Hong Kong Hospital Convention

Belun® Sleep System

We are privileged to have conducted this validation study which shows the Belun® Ring is a reliable diagnostic tool for OSA in CVD patients - the cohort known to have a high prevalence of OSA. The result was publisehed in the Journal of Hypertension 2023.

— Dr. Ronald Lee, National University Heart Centre, Singapore