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Sleep apnea test

When I wake up, most of the time I still feel tired. I’m not sure if it’s due to lack of sleep or if I have sleep apnea or other factors. This was then I decided to try the Belun® Ring.
The Belun® Ring was simple to use, like wearing a ring. I did not feel it at all when I slept, and was able to sleep as usual. It saved me the trouble to stay at a hospital overnight.

After wearing it for three nights, Belun® sent me a detailed report with charts and detection. The report confirmed that i did not have sleep apnea, but had identified many habits that I should correct in order to have a high quality of sleep.

I highly recommend it to those who want to have a good sleep!

— Kenneth Ip

Sleep apnea test

My husband found out my snoring is getting worse, and sometimes, my breathing stops, which terrifies him. The sound even wakes up my kids when we sleep together. Everyone wouldn't get a good sleep! In addition, I still feel tired after sleeping a lot, so I want to test whether I have sleep apnea.

Belun's sleep apnea report let me know that my snoring has reached a dangerous level, and the data confirmed that I did have sleep apnea. After reading my sleep apnea report, my doctor immediately confirmed that by putting me in a sleep lab for my later anesthesia delivery. Belun's sleep apnea test gave me peace of mind.

— Sally

Belun® Ring

My job is stressful, so I would like to monitor my health closely. I have been using Apple Watch for a while, watching out for fitness scores & pulse rate. During bedtime, I rely on Belun® Ring which gives me a more comprehensive picture of my health, as it measures stress level via the automatic nervous system response and analyze my data using an AI platform, not yet available in other brands. Their medical-grade accuracy also reassures me of the data reliability. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to change their habits and lifestyle for better health.

— Mike Chan