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Into an era of personalized care

Belun® remoVital remote monitoring system is a real-time monitoring system composed of a FDA 510(k)-cleared Belun® Ring and a communication hub.


The system measures these parameters from user :

  1. Blood oxygen saturation
  2. Pulse rate
  3. Body temperature


  1. Easy access: users’ real-time measurements can be viewed anywhere through the web portal.
  2. Simple set-up: No pairing for Bluetooth or WiFi. Automatic connection with the cellular network when the system is switched on.
  3. Alarm customisation: It will display an alert if any parameters exceed pre-set thresholds. And the threshold would be adjusted based on the varied needs of different user groups.



Belun® Ring, FDA-510(k) cleared, provides high quality medical-grade data to caretakers. A professional tool that they can rely on with reliable information trusted by medical personnel.


The ring is ergonomically designed, doesn’t fall off easily during sleep, thus ensuring effective data collection


It’s non-intrusive, doesn’t interfere user’s sleep, allowing users a good night sleep

Reduced risk of caregivers

After the setup, the system operates automatically. Caregivers can monitor users’ vitals remotely

Streamlining operation

Remote monitoring eliminates the need for frequent bedside visits to check vitals, saving caregivers’ workloads via automation

Improved care

As early intervention becomes possible with real-time alert for abnormalities, the quality of care can be enhanced

Easy to use

Can be controlled by caretakers without IT knowledge.


Caretakers can check out the vitals of all users with the mobile phone connecting to an internet browser. Data of all users are centralised.


Centres are free to set alarm thresholds that fit the needs of different user groups

Home monitoring

Discharged patients or elderly living independently can enjoy the protection

Environmentally friendly

The device can be used repeatedly. After each usage, the device is thoroughly cleaned with standard medical sterilisation procedure.

How to use?

Caretakers can use technology to monitor many users’ health conditions & take action before the situation deteriorates.

  1. Users only need to put on the Belun Ring at the proximal phalanx of the index finger & wrap the communication hub on the forearm.
  2. Once the device is turned on, it automatically record users’ key physiological parameters.
  3. Caretakers will see the users’ real-time data on one centralised screen. The system also supports any connected device, including mobile devices.
  4. The system will issue real-time alerts if detecting parameters exceeding pre-set thresholds, enabling prompt actions from caretakers for users with abnormal parameters.
  5. Physicians can triage the users based on the vital signs effectively.
  6. Users with special needs can be monitored with customised thresholds.
  7. User data is recorded and can be archived if needed.

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