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Into an era of personalized care

Belun believes in the power of innovative AI technologies to provide insights that empower people to thrive in their health and wellness. We created the Lightest Medical Wearable IoT, Belun® remoVital, to empower caretakers and healthcare professionals with a customized solution to identify changes in the condition of their clients, reduce hospital readmissions and improve protections.

Elevate your Care Quality with Preventive Healthcare

Preventive Healthcare = FDA + IoT + Data Tech

Vital sign during day and night + Artificial Intelligence powered platform ➯ Timely Alert for deterioration & abnormalities ➯ Early intervention ➯ Preventive Healthcare

  • Spot check / continual monitoring
  • Monitoring portal can be viewed though web browser
  • Support API for exporting data to Clinical Management System
Clinical validated data

Clinical validated data

physicians can trust

AI-powered insights

AI-powered insights

to enable early detection of adverse vital sign trends



24/7 vital sign monitoring to streamline operation

An effortless user experience

An effortless user experience

with a comfortable and ergonomic design

Better protection

Better protection

for discharged patients or independent living elderly

Swift installation (3 mins)

Swift installation (3 mins)

with automatic connection to the cellular network

Belun® remoVital

Belun® Ring

Award-winning Belun® Ring is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II device that uncovers your sleep architecture.

Belun® COR

A sensor attaching to the body to collect body temperature

Belun® remoHub

A communication hub for data transmission to the cloud-based AI platform

Belun® remoHub Portal

Support API for exporting data to Clinical Management System

How it works

Caretakers can use technology to monitor many clients’ health conditions & action before the situation deteriorates.

  1. Users only need to wear the Belun® Ring at the index finger, stick the Belun® COR on the chest & put the remoHub at bedside.
  2. Once the device is turned on, it automatically records clients’ key physiological parameters.
  3. Caretakers will see the clients’ real-time data on one centralised screen. The system also supports any connected device, including mobile devices such as phone & tablet.
  4. The system will issue real-time alerts if detecting parameters exceeding pre-set thresholds, enabling prompt actions from caretakers for clients with abnormal parameters.
  5. Physicians can triage the client based on the vital signs effectively.
  6. Clients with special needs can be monitored with customised thresholds.
  7. Client data is recorded and can be archived if needed.

Medical Grade Remote Care from In-Hospital to Home

Belun® remoVital can be further developed into a health monitoring platform customized for independent living elderly and incorporated into the telemedicine platform, so that doctors can provide precise diagnosis based on real-time measurement data.

Real-time / Remote Monitoring for Accident & Emergency Ward

Early Discharged patients

Elderly care / Rehabilitation

Residential Care

Homes for the elderly

Elderly Day Care Center

Rehabilitation Center



Independent living elderly

Customer Review

Belun® remoVital has been deployed to 60+ residential care homes and received many positive feedbacks. The device offers better protection to the clients, but also greatly reduces the pressure on the care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Copyright by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Gerontechnology Platform (GT Platform)

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Technical Specifications

Parameters Measured Specification
1 SpO2 1 Spot-check / Continual

Accuracy: +/- 2%

Range: 70-100%

2 Pulse rate 1 Spot-check / Continual

Accuracy: +/- 2bpm or 2% whichever is larger

Range: 30-250 bpm

3 Body Temperature 2 Spot-check / Continual

Accuracy: +/- 0.1 oC

Range: 25-40 oC

4 Breathing Effort 2 Spot-check / Continual

Accuracy: 12 – 60 rpm

Range: ±3 rpm in stable condition

5 Body Posture 2 Spot-check / Continual 5 sleep posture including Supine, Prone, Left, Right and Upright

1 – Belun® Ring

2 – Belun® COR

Technical Features

Cellular Network NBIoT / CAT M1 / 4G No pairing for Bluetooth or WiFi
Alarm Customisation Different pre-set thresholds for needs of different client groups
Centralized Monitoring Proprietary algorithm allows care workers to safeguard the clients timely
Data Processing Support API for exporting data to Clinical Management System

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