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For Immediate Release: Belun Technology protected the HK community and won the HKICT award 2022

Belun Technology - November 16, 2022 - 0 comments

For Immediate Release 

Belun Technology is named the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022 – Smart People Grand Award

[Hong Kong – 16 November 2022] Belun Technology Company Limited (Belun), a healthcare data technology company for preventive healthcare, announced today that its Belun® remoVital monitoring system (remoVital) was named the Smart People Grand Award and Smart People (Smart Ageing) Gold Award of the Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICTA) 2022, steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer & 8 other organizers, including the Hong Kong Council of Social Service hosting the Smart People category. It is a recognition of Belun’s effort in preventive healthcare, tackling the world issue of the ageing population and safeguarding the lives of the elderly and people with disabilities during the pandemic outbreak in Hong Kong.

“We are very honoured to contribute to safeguarding the weakest link in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our dream is to bring Hong Kong home-grown ICT solutions to serve the world’s ageing population.” shared Raymond, co-founder of Belun Technology.

The Smart People Award of the HKICT 2022 is established to recognize innovative development of ICT products/solutions or ICT-enabled services that promote the rights of disadvantaged groups with their right to access ICT technology & address the challenges facing the ageing society.” Belun® remoVital monitoring system achieved all these objectives, protecting both the patients & caregivers, also help to reduce the pressure of the frontline during that critical pandemic.” shared by the judging panel.

Belun® remoVital monitoring system empowers efficient monitoring & better care for the elderly & patients. Its alert system facilitates the early detection of deteriorating patients for timely medical support. The device reduces 90% of unnecessary interactions with patients in the isolation zone, thus minimizing the risk of the virus spreading and solving the problem of caregiver shortage during the pandemic.

“Our team transformed the sleep health platform to an Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) platform to combat COVID-19 as one community. The IoMT platform will become part of Belun’s preventive healthcare platform to help reduce the medical burdens due to the ageing population & prevalence of chronic diseases.” shared Lydia Leung, Co-founder and CEO of Belun Technology.

About Belun Technology

Besides Belun® remoVital, Belun has an outstanding award-winning track record, Belun® Ring winning the Hong Kong ICT Award 2018 – Award of the year, ICT Startup Grand Award and Smart Living Grand Award. The company also won 3 awards in the Asia Pacific ICT Award 2018, including the Inclusions and Community Services – Wellbeing category (Winner), Start-Up of the Year – Business and Community (Merit) and Technology of the Year – Big Data Analytics (Merit).

Belun is a data technology company headquartered in Hong Kong with Preventive Healthcare Solutions powered by billions of health fingerprints and proprietary AI algorithms collected from global research in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan. Their medical-grade wearables & AI solutions for screening sleep health can evaluate treatment effectiveness for patients with chronic disease & predict health risks.

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