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When wellness monitoring becomes a daily habit, Belun is launching a new model, BLR-100X, to help identify “silent hypoxia”.

Belun Technology - January 10, 2022 - 0 comments

Belun Technology is launching the new model (BLR-100X)

Belun Technology, the HK-Based medical device & digital health company that invented the World’s first FDA 510(k) cleared wearable ring for SpO2 measurement, is launching their latest model of Belun® Ring (BLR-100X). The newest model coming with multiple changeable ring arms, is even more user-friendly. By simply putting the ring on before bed, the user can rely upon the patented AI platform to track sleep health by uploading the data the next day. Good sleep boosts your immune system. When winning this virus battle is all about keeping well, Belun is here to help safeguard the community.

“We observe that wellness monitoring becomes a family-oriented necessity. With more members from the same household having the need, or sometimes, a member may need a bigger ring arm because of the changing physical needs, Belun aims to protect both our users and the environment by bringing this new changeable ring arm feature to the market.” quoted by Belun CEO Dr Lydia Leung. “One of our users was infected with Omicron, and her finger could not fit in the original ring size. The new feature just came in handy when she was advised to closely monitor her SpO2 level while quarantined at home to detect early deterioration.”

When the World fights the ever-changing virus, monitoring SpO2 within 93% can identify “silent hypoxia“ & this become critical to avoid deterioration. Silent hypoxia is defined as a condition where an individual has alarmingly lower oxygen saturation level than anticipated (~ 50–80% saturation, while the anticipated saturation level is 95% or higher), however, the individual does not experience any breathing difficulty. The Belun® Ring is designed to collect biomarkers such as blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, automatic nervous system response, Apnea-Hypopnea Index (bAHI), sleep stages & motion. With the use of the mobile app Belun Sleep, the trend of each biomarker is plotted in the mobile device within 5 minutes, empowering individuals to self-monitor the wellness status at ease.

About Belun Technology :

Belun develops medical-grade wearable products & solutions for application in the medical plus consumer sector. The newly launched Belun® Ring is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II device that uncovers your sleep architecture, with a wide application such as screening of sleep apnea, improve treatment effectiveness for chronic disease patients & assist in the clinical decision for clinical psychologists.

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