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7 facts about Sleep (5 mins read)

Belun Technology - December 22, 2021 - 0 comments

Sleep is more than just a periodic resting phase; it is the time where our body and nervous system can recuperate and allow for active formation and synthesis of protein.


1/ A complete sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, and adults need about 4 to 6 sleep cycles per day, that is, 6 to 9 hours of sleep. If calculated by 8 hours of sleep time, there will be about 5 cycles, and each cycle is divided into non-rapid eye movement (non-REM) and rapid eye movement (REM).


2/ Short sleep duration and poor sleep quality are associated with various health conditions like metabolic disorders, cardiovascular morbidity, glucose intolerance, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, immunological disorders, mood disorders, depression, deficits in cognition and memory.2


3/ In addition, insufficient sleep affects daytime alertness which can lead to occupational errors, injuries, and driving accidents.


4/ Most ppl think we waste hours sleeping.

Studies has shown that ppl who don’t get adequate sleep don’t live as long as ppl do.


5/ Sleep is important for memory.

During sleep, our brain’s cleaning system does its best work. It’s while we’re sleeping that many of our brain’s waste products and other unhelpful proteins are removed.


6/ Those in the study who reported short sleep duration — defined in the study as six hours or less — had elevated levels of beta amyloid, which “greatly increases” risk for dementia, said the study’s lead author Joe Winer, a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University in California


7/ Since the human heart is on the left side, sleeping on the right side is more preferred than sleeping on the left side to avoid more stress caused to the heart when sleeping.