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Into an era of personalized care for patients

When the world is coping with wave of viruses, adding a tremendous burden to our fragile healthcare system, MedTech is being called upon to help alleviate the problems. When most of us are requested to stay at home under the new normal, it has speeded up the mass adoption of telehealth & wearables to ease the pressure of patient backlog. Healthcare innovation & reform would gradually help the industry become more patient-centric & services-driven.


Trusted by hospitals & medical groups in Hong Kong, Belun® Ring offers a user-friendly home sleep testing for sleep apnea. A disease, if ignored, would affect both the heart & brain in the long run, causing irreversible damage to your body. While gaining traction among the medical communities, Belun® Ring and sleep platform plays an important role in McKinsey’s Patient Journey model.

Patient journey

See how Belun is adding value along the patient’s pathway *.


A digital tool providing scientific data to support diagnosis


Tools to assist clinical decision making


Approach to understand patient behaviour


Disease detection & insights


Integrated treatment improving clinical outcome

Diagnose Sleep Apnea effortlessly & accurately

The Belun® Ring helps your patient discover the quality of sleep — at home, comfortably, by simply putting on the ring before bedtime.

User will uncover the mysteries of:

  • Risk of sleep apnea
  • Sleep quality

User just need to put the ring on before sleep. A sleep report will be generated automatically in the morning, revealing his/her sleep apnea risk, sleep efficiency, and stress level.

Screening of sleep apnea is an example of a digital tool providing scientific data to support diagnosis (#1 in the Patient Journey)

Originate From Sleep Health

Wide Application

The Belun® Ring equips its users with information that empowers them to change their daily habits — such as activities, exercise, alcohol intake, and medication — to improve their sleep health.

Patient Journey #3 – Understand patient behaviour

The Belun® Ring report also enables professionals to evaluate how users’ daytime activities affect sleep quality and to review sleep health holistically and scientifically unprecedentedly in the marketplace.

Clinical psychologists would rely on Belun’s report to access the patients’ sleep architecture. Belun is acting as a digital sleep diary, helping Clinical psychologists to make better decisions.

Patient Journey #2 – Tools to assist clinical decision making

All physiological data, analysis, and sleep reports can be viewed and downloaded by people from clinics, health-check centers, respiratory machine vendors, and elderly centers, which provides additional insights to physicians.

Expanding into Preventive Healthcare

Detecting arrhythmia 

Belun® Ring collects biomarkers during sleep, allowing us to detect cardiovascular problems hidden from health checks performed in daytime.

Patient Journey #4 – Disease detection & insights


Remote Monitoring system 

The newly deployed IoT – Belun® RemoVital monitoring system to Hong Kong’s residential homes  facilitate efficient monitoring and effective follow-ups of users who need special care.

The threshold triggered alarm alerts the caretaker’s users’ abnormality. Caregivers can act according to the parameters shown on the screen.

Patient Journey #2 – assisting clinical decision making

Physicians can triage the patients based on the vital signs effectively.

Patient Journey#5 – Integrated treatment improving clinical outcome

Remarks: In the fifth wave of combat Covid-19 measures, Belun® RemoVital monitoring system assists caretakers in residential homes to monitor infected patients.

Belun solution

The content contained in this article is for reference purposes only and does not provide any professional diagnosis and treatment advice.

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