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What is the Belun® Ring?

How does the Belun® Ring help?

  • FDA-approved

A medical-grade, wearable device allows users to manage their sleep health at home with sleep-lab quality.

  • Accurate and reliable

The accuracy of the sleep apnea report is as high as 90%.

  • Simple to use

Users need only to wear the ring on a finger while asleep.

  • Measure at home

Use the ring at home rather than spending nights in a sleep clinic.

  • AI and cloud technology

The data collected is uploaded to Belun’s cloud-based, proprietary, artificial intelligence system, where it allows physicians and consumers to non-invasively measure various health data.

  • Comfortable

Light (only 10 grams), radiation-free, and ergonomically designed, the ring is comfortable and unobtrusive enough to be worn continuously during sleep.

  • Ring sizes

The ring is available in six different sizes.

What is Sleep Apnea?

People suffering from sleep apnea will stop breathing during sleep. It may occur hundreds of times every night, each time lasting from 10 seconds to several minutes. The patients suffer from hypoxia and often wake up in their sleep.(1)

Sleep apnea is associated several chronic diseases:

Heart failure


Drug-resistant hypertension






Test Your Sleep Health

Do you 

These are the symptoms of sleep apnea.

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15 – 25% of people over the age of 40 have sleep apnea.
Unfortunately, 80% of them are undiagnosed.

Source: click here

The Belun® Ring measures

  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

  • Pulse Rate (PR)

  • Apnea Hypopnea Index (bAHI)

  • Sleep stages

  • Autonomic Nervous System Response (ANS)

  • Motion

We empower you to discover your sleep mysteries through our Belun Sleep Platform.

How to use?

Put the ring on before sleep.

A sleep report will be generated automatically in the morning, displaying a sleep apnea risk assessment with apnea hypopnea index (bAHI), autonomous nervous response, and sleep stages.

The Belun Ring helps you discover the quality of your sleep — at home, comfortably, by simply putting on your ring before sleep. You will uncover the mysteries of:

  • Risk of sleep apnea
  • Sleep quality

The Belun Ring equips its users with information that empowers them to change their daily habits — such as activities, exercise, alcohol intake, and medication — to improve their sleep health.


Certifications and Awards


World’s first FDA 510(k) cleared wearable ring for SpO2 measurement


ISO 13485 medical devices quality management system